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Open Model for IT Manufacturers and Suppliers. Become a vendor or supplier for the largest Russian distributor

OCS helps businesses fully realize the promise of technology — helping them maximize the value of the technology that they make, sell or use. With it is vast global infrastructure and focus on cloud, mobility, technology lifecycle, supply chain and technology solutions. OCS enables business partners to operate more efficiently and successfully in the markets they serve.

Our Company in Numbers
years in business
Servers and Storages
Engineering solutions
Printing and Post-printing
Periphery and consumables
PCs, Laptops and Tablets
Home appliances
Accessories and Gadgets
Distribution as a Service
Distribution • Regional office • Lead generation & processing • Deal registration • Rebates • Partner network setup • Government procurement support • Telesales
Delivery and Shipping • Storage and warehousing • Logistic fulfilment • Authorization documents
Leasing • IFRS/Russian accounting standards/paperwork • Segregated accounts • Scoring • Factoring • Finance fulfilment
Public & Media relations • Internet marketing • Corporate Merchandise • Creative studio • Localization of marketing activities • Marketing reports • Event management • Online event management • Marketing Campaigns • Regional Tech showrooms
Outsourcing • Demo equipment and samples • Training • Support • Service Centre
EDI • EDO • C2P • B2B • API

Are you a Vendor or a Supplier?

Vendor for OCS is company who produces IT products, both hardware and software, under it’s own brand and is ready to distribute it across russian market.

Supplier for Nerpa is the company that wholesales, resells and provides various brands of IT products/components across world and in Russia.

Simple steps to become a Vendor / Supplier

  1. Review presentation about OCS

  2. Fill-in New Vendor / Supplier application form

  3. Receive OCS Distribution Partnership Quotation / Completed RFI / RFP Form

  4. Signing an agreement between companies

Become a Vendor / Supplier application

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OCS offers to vendors and suppliers the following types of engagement
Discover broad opportunities of selling your products in Russia via OCS partner channel. We also offer a special engagement program in collaboration with Nerpa for suppliers, OEM partners and While label partners.
Assembly and manufacturing of IT hardware.
Service is provided by OCS team of high-skilled engineers who operate in facilities equipped with all the necessary tools and devices. All the operations are performed according to vendor’s standards and in full compliance with the approved technological guidelines.
Localization of manufacturing
Localization process assumes that products are manufactured in Russia. OCS in collaboration with Nerpa is ready to set up whole localization process around your brand.In this case the entire manufacturing process is covered, including issue of all the mandatory documents.
Technological partnership
Become a supplier of components, accessories and software for the IT equipment manufacturing with total logistics and documentary support by OCS Distribution.
Joined projects where our Nerpa brand and vendor’s brand are brought together to offer hardware and software appliances to the market.
Certification of IT hardware
OCS offers full range of services to organise certification process for products manufactured in Russian Federation by foreign brands, including development of paperwork required to confirm compliance and support of audit performed by the certifying authority.
Advantages of working with OCS
The company provides global operations by way of an advanced logistics & transportation worldwide. Distributor is able to operate various transportation options for delivery from abroad as well as international warehousing and transportation insurance
Finance services from distributor are designed to build safe and cost effective model for suppliers and vendors with advanced instruments like bank guarantee and flexible payment.
Presale, technical consultations, other professional services, 1st and 2nd line of technical support and warranty services for partners and their customers per vendor's standards and guidelines by OCS Distribution.
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