Our people are our main asset

We understand that business and each business process or business communication are based on human knowledge, human emotion and human enthusiasm. Naturally, we do appreciate professionalism because it defines quality of business processes; it helps make them effective and easy. But we also encourage our people to bring their emotions, their dreams and their passion into their everyday business tasks. We believe that doing our job with passion we create something more than just business; we create a big circle of devotees whose goal is to make Russian IT innovative and progressive.

At OCS we have a Corporative Code. Its ideas are shared by our people by default. We don’t think one can make you believe in something you don’t: you just believe it or not. That’s exactly why all of our people are united by the same ideas and by the same morals. It’s critically important for business because the shared ideas create the strongest team possible. These are some of our Code’s ideas:

  • We all are inspired workaholics :)
  • We appreciate individuality
  • We're allowed to do everything except what’s forbidden
  • We all have a right to make “honest” mistake; “honest” means “not hidden” or “lied about”
  • We do it well or we don’t do it at all