OCS has been operating on the Russian IT-market for more than 20 years. We’ve got more than two decades of experience! We started as a project distributor meaning in the beginning we cooperated only with corporative resellers and integrators. At some point we realized that to be successful and to be reliable we should be developing in different directions, so we started volume business. Today we have broad competences developed in both domains and recently we extended our business borders to consumer electronics and interactive entertainment products.

What constitutes our knowledge?

Professional team that has a huge experience. These people work in their domains for years and know all the specifics of products/solutions and market segments. Our team is over 3000 people. They work as product managers, business development managers, sales managers, pre-sale managers, engineers, technical support specialists, marketing managers, etc.

Demo Center (DC). Over the years, adding new products and new solutions to our product portfolio, we’ve built a solid DC. It exists for our partners test and for partners education. We have a “mobile demo” that can be used at partners’ sites. With our DC our partners can “try it” before “buy it”; they also have an excellent opportunity to learn how to work with the equipment using it and not just reading about it.

Partners education programs. Effective deals and effective projects are realized by people who know the product they sell. To make a solution work one should know how to do it. Sometimes vendors are too far away to ask for “brain” help from them so here comes OCS and their knowledge. We are happy and we are ready to share our knowledge with our partners to make their work with their clients more effective. Every year we organize several hundreds of educational events such as seminars, webinars and trainings.